THE WHOLE Next Generation Micro/Nano Systems LAB

  • Technologies for the fabrication of devices and systems at micro- and nano-scales continue to advance and diversify due to the rising demands for miniaturisation, cost reduction, functional integration and performance enhancement coming from a number of applications including energy, transport, telecommunications, information technology, civil engineering, medicine and other important areas of our everyday life. Nevertheless, the development of innovative micro-nanofabrication approaches is becoming not only a technological step, but it is strongly correlated with our personal and social life.
  • For this reason, worldwide, scientific and technological research focused on the development and the manufacturing systems that employ nano- and micro-structures is at the forefront of scientific and economic competition.
  • In this context, the next generation of Micro/Nano Systems has to provide advanced functionalities through combination of innovative nanomaterial's and micro- nanotechnologies, for envisaging an increasing technological development on a broad range of powerful applications addressing societal challenges.
  • These fast technology developments have contributed to the growth in many areas of the research (health, food, environment and ICT) where they can bring significant impact.
  • If the major technological issue of the microelectronics is related to the scaling down of the critical dimensions and to reduction of the power consumption and costs, the fully exploitation of MEMS/NEMS requires innovative concepts, advanced processes, and pioneering designs and simulation approaches for materials and devices to be integrated in reliable, performing and cheap practical systems.
  • In order to satisfy all these expectations, the integration of heterogeneous micro nano-technologies with new active, responsive, and Nano-engineered materials, such as piezoelectric, nanowires, grapheme, bioactive and biodegradable ceramics and polymers, plays an important role.
  • The objective of the Symposium is twofold: a) to share the progress in the field and b) to identify the technological orientation and future challenges offered by the connection between innovative materials and micro/nanotechnologies. The involvement of representatives of key research disciplines will offer a podium to enable community building and networking, the sharing of progress in both technology and application development, and the identification of common interests.
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Duration:2 Month