Smart Things Innovations Lab

  • RAJA NETWORK We make things smart.
  • In the Smart Things Innovation (STI) Lab, we believe being smart is more than being connected. We are a team of cross-skilled engineers, designers and makers with an amazing mandate: to invent and innovate new multi-device experiences across Any Elecrtical device ecosystem and beyond in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain. Our passion is to create drastically simple experiences covering smart devices, smart objects and smart spaces which our customers love and which make their life better and easier.
  • The way we see it, the Best User Interface is No User Interface. We work very hard to develop technologies to make things very simple for our customers. Technologies that can relieve our users from many of tedious tasks and steps that we have become accustomed to when using our connected phones, TV's, etc. The experiences that we build, "They Just Happen", like magic. The features and products that we develop observe our users, predict their needs and act on their behalf right when they need it.
  • We mix the following ingredients to make all this happen:
  • Drastically Simple, Natural and Intuitive UX design
  • Beautiful Visual Design, Form Factor and Industrial Design
  • Well developed Software and Hardware
  • Sensor convergence and other relevant context
  • Machine Learning and Intelligence
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Duration:2 Month