Mobile Processor Innovation Lab

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  • TX, the Mobile Processor Innovation (MPI) Lab aggressively conceptualizes future product ideas incorporating new and advanced technologies and supporting the most computationally challenging algorithms. Focusing on system and chip solutions, the MPI lab accelerates product ideas and creates prototype devices to demonstrate feasibility and execute advanced development for next-generation mobile platforms in the Samsung Galaxy product line.
  • New, but moving fast, MPI Lab has already demonstrated innovations in next-generation mobile imaging architecture and systems. In addition, we are exploring killer mobile applications that will lead to new and enhanced ways of using mobile devices to improve our lifestyles, increase our safety, and immerse us in entertainment. By understanding the next generation of mobile applications, we are able to create, design and prototype the next generation of chips that will support new modes of sensing the environment and powering the computations required by the next generation products.
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Duration:2 Month