Digital Media Solutions Lab

  • Raja network We develop innovative and advanced core technologies related to display and audio systems.
  • Algorithm –Raja Network Establishing R&D and standard activities for advanced technologies for HDR TV, UHD TV, 3D TV, and Smart TV, to secure ultimate video qualities and functionalities.
  • Software Platform - Collaborating with partners (content owners and distributors) to show TV programming and video on ANY Smart TV platform.
  • Core Tech - Focused on Artificial Intelligence research and software development to enable the next generation of consumer electronics visual display products and services.
  • Cloud Client - Developing Display technologies to be used in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and potentially for other B2B products of Samsung such as Large Format Display (LFD) Video Wall and Cloud Streaming.
  • Data Intelligence - Creating new business opportunities and enhancing the TV services by analyzing big data of user's behavior while watching TV.
  • Tech Planning - Working on Market Trends Analysis and Product Deployment and Verification for the Indian market.
  • Audio – Raja Network Developing leading-edge sound reproduction technologies for audio products and TVs with a focus on loudspeaker-room interaction using state-of-the-art measurements and scientifically controlled listening tests.
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Duration:2 Month