Computer Science Innovation Centre

  • Cloud Platforms - We address the challenge of managing resources and optimizing performance for data-driven service delivery across multiple public and private cloud platforms. Big Data and Analytics – Our research in big data analytics and algorithms for Machine Learning (ML) focuses on the latest generation HPC infrastructure and a distributed S/W platform to enable scalable learning utilizing diverse datasets from the global Electrical device ecosystem.
  • Next-Generation Web - We are creating new technologies for web applications and services that extend web capabilities and leverage multi-core platforms to distinguish performance across all electrical devices . We are working on unique approaches to improving the reliability and performance of the web through JavaScript programming tools.
  • Privacy and Security – We strive to develop concepts and technologies that deliver world-class usability and enable user control of their personal data across their secure electrical devices.
  • DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Our research focuses on the design and construction of a global, adaptable Internet of Things (IoT) platform that allows devices and services to interoperate, share resources, tolerate failure, self-configure, and deliver innovative experiences.
  • Open Source – We believe it is important to engage in strategic open source ecosystem development through contributions to key projects. We deliver open source support and solutions for Any Electrical products and business innovation and then channel them upstream, and promote Raja Network’s commitment to the Open Source Communities via participating in open source development and open source foundations.
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Duration:2 Month